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We pride ourselves on offering premium quality eyewear at best value prices. For more than 20 years, we’ve consistently proven that high quality, optically correct eyewear doesn’t have to be overpriced.

We know that our customers have multiple uses for their eyewear and to further cater to these demands, CARVE is now offering two different lenses: laminated (for general daily use) and injected (for extreme conditions).

So what’s the difference between the two lenses? We’ve broken it down like this:


All Purpose Lenses

Laminated lenses are 100% optically correct and are suitable for everyday use. They are constructed using ‘layers’ of polycarbonate to build the final composition of the lens.

Although extremely lightweight and durable, it’s the ‘layers’ that make laminated lenses more susceptible to extreme temperatures and moisture.

The perfect solution for everyday wear, laminated lenses can be worn on hot days or in the rain, but when exposed to extreme conditions; like being left in a car on a very hot day or fully submerged in water, they can delaminate.

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Optically correct
  • Super lightweight and flexible
  • Not ideal for exposure to extreme heat or moisture
  • Unisex


Hard Core Lenses

Injected lenses are made from one solid mould that is injected with the melted down lens material. Once the mould dries, the lens is one solid piece. There are no layers or moving parts to an injected lens, which makes them stand up to extreme temperatures and moisture. Our injected lenses will withstand hard core exposure to the elements and are suitable to wear on any extreme adventure!

  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Optically correct
  • Excellent for hard-core adventure Carvers!
  • Super lightweight and flexible
  • Unisex

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