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Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic Collection

This is an image of a turtle swimming in the ocean with a plastic bag stuck in it's mouth and surround by plastic water bottles

“Our oceans are choking with plastic waste. As a surfer, I see it every day and it’s devastating. We simply have to come up with more sustainable ways to repurpose the plastic that is already in circulation,” Matt Whyte, CEO of CARVE.

In an effort to help stop plastic waste finding its way into our oceans, CARVE has teamed up with OceanBound Plastics, to collect plastic debris within 31 miles of a coastline or waterway in communities around the world that do not have formal waste collection systems.

This ‘source’ plastic is shipped to OceanBound Plastics’ processing plants in California and North Carolina, USA, where it is repurposed into HDPE resin. CARVE’s manufacturer then turns the resin into 100% recycled sunglass frames. The CARVE Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic sunglass frames are also fully recyclable through most council recycling streams, further supporting a circular economy.

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Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic Collection | Carve Eyewear