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SKY WALKER Polarized Sunglasses by Carve

SKY WALKER Polarized Sunglasses

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SKU: 2370
  • Hand Finished
  • Optically correct lens
  • 100% - UV Protection
  • Metal hinge
  • Polycarbonate/metal frame
  • Stamped badging
  • Category 3

The Sky Walker are a classic pair of sunglasses. The Sky Walker sunglasses have a 5 barrel stainless steel hinge, a polycarbonate frame and stamped badging! The Sky Walker is a modern twist on a classic pair of sunglasses. The Sky Walker comes in a variety of lens and frame colors. The Sky Walker sunglasses not only look great, but also have 100% UV protection.

Carve supplies a wide variety of mens and womens sunglasses. We have over 20 years experience making high quality, affordable, and durable sunglasses for men and women. Our range of sunglasses includes polarized lens, non-polarized lens, polarized iridium lens, non-polarized iridium lens, polarized mineral glass lens, and non-polarized mineral glass lens. Our sunglasses range also includes a vast collection of styles and colors. We know that sunnies are a unique accessory that help define your look. It’s with this in mind, that helps inspire our mens and womens sunglasses range.

Carve is an international brand that grew from humble beginnings in Australia. Now as a multinational brand, our sunglasses, snow goggles and accessories is sold in hundreds of stores across the world! We are driven by our passion to design great products at affordable prices! This has been at the core of our businesses proposition since we begun over 20 years ago. Carve is dedicated to delivering exceptional products made from high quality materials!

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SKY WALKER Polarized Sunglasses | Carve Eyewear