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Explore the technical and detail product attributes of the Carve Eyewear frames.

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We do our best to provide value. Value for us is knowing our customers will sit on their sunnies in the car, or have them fly off their face in a sweaty festival most pit.

Our frame manufacturing techniques consider that we need to provide frames that will survive general use of everyday life.


People are all different, and our attraction to style and form is no exception.

The research and development we undertake to ensure our eyewear and the frames meet the huge scope of how people live their lives and cultures they immerse themselves in is never ending.

Our job is to provide a product that complements this individuality and support you doing things - your own way.

Purpose + Function

The frame of an eyewear piece is one of the first things you notice from a quality pair of glasses.

Carve Eyewear is a symbiosis of lens and frame, creating opportunities for our brand to extend across numerous categories in sports, fashion and lifestyle.

We refine our eyewear to accurately deliver to performance requirements or meet fashion forward trend demands.



CARVE Aviator Frames are a homage to the iconic style that has transcended generations, embodying adventure and boldness. Originating from the skies, these frames have landed into the core of fashion and style.

With their classic teardrop shape and sleek metal silhouette, Carve's aviators are meticulously designed to offer both unparalleled style and comfort. Perfect for those who seek to blend vintage aesthetics with modern sophistication.



CARVE Cat Eye Frames are the epitome of timeless elegance, reimagined for contemporary style. Drawing inspiration from the vintage allure of the 1950s and 1960s, these frames boast a distinctive upswept design that exudes sophistication grace.

Crafted with precision, each pair seamlessly blends contemporary fashion with classic charm, ensuring you stand out with a statement of bold confidence.



CARVE Round Frames capture artistic expression and intellectual flair, making a sophisticated statement. Inspired by the creative souls of the past and present, these frames are a nod to classics from the past with a twist of modern innovation.

Crafted to suit a myriad of faces, their circular design softens features, offering a balance between contemporary chic and vintage charm. Ideal for those who dare to stand out, embrace the circle of style with Carve's round eyewear.



Redefine the boundaries of modern eyewear with CARVE's Shield Frames. These single, expansive lenses offer a seamless visual field, providing not just superior protection but a statement of bold style.

Designed for those who seek to make an impact, shield frames blur the lines between sportswear and high fashion, asserting a dynamic presence. With their aerodynamic contours and cutting-edge design, CARVE's Shield Frames cater to the avant-garde, the trendsetters, and the visionaries.



With an ever-expanding range of eyewear shapes to choose from, it can be tricky to find the perfect pair to suit your face. Square sunglasses are a tried-and-tested shape, and CARVE's range of men's and women’s square sunglasses is the perfect place to find great geometric frames.



CARVE Wrap Frames are the quintessence of performance meeting style, engineered for the active individual who refuses to compromise on aesthetics.

These frames offer an enveloping fit, providing enhanced peripheral vision and protection against the elements, making them perfect for adventurers and sports enthusiasts alike.

With their sleek, aerodynamic design, CARVE's wrap frames seamlessly blend functionality with a modern, sporty look. Crafted for durability and comfort, they stand as a testament to those who live life on the move.