Explore Snow

Explore the technical and detailed product attributes of the CARVE Snow collection.

Goggle Lens Technology

CARVE has developed a lens classification system that allows you to select the correct goggles for the prevailing conditions.



Unlock ultimate clarity and protection with CARVE's Grey Lens, your go-to for navigating the slopes under partly cloudy and sunny skies. These lenses boast a natural colour perception, providing you with a true-to-life view while cutting down on glare and reducing eye fatigue. The grey tint ensures that even in the brightest conditions, your vision remains sharp and unobstructed.



Engineered to perfection, our Rose Lenses offer enhanced contrast and depth perception, ensuring every carve and turn is made with confidence. The rose tint boosts visibility in lower light, illuminating the slopes and making obstacles stand out, so you can focus on the thrill of the ride. Built for riders who refuse to let cloud cover ruin a session, CARVE's Rose Lenses merge technology with style, promising clear vision and a fresh look, no matter the weather. Gear up and greet the clouds with clarity.



Specifically designed for cloudy conditions, these lenses are a game-changer on the slopes, providing unparalleled contrast and clarity when you need it most. The orange tint filters out the haze and enhances visibility, ensuring every detail of the trail is sharply defined.



Designed to combat the challenges of low visibility, these lenses work magic by brightening your environment and dramatically enhancing contrast. The yellow tint cuts through the flurry, providing a clearer view of the slopes ahead, so you can navigate with confidence and precision.



When the night ride calls, CARVE's Clear Lens is your guardian through every turn. Tailored for the nocturnal adventurer, these lenses offer crystal-clear visibility under the stars, ensuring nothing comes between you and the slopes. Beyond clarity, they provide unwavering protection against the elements and unexpected obstacles, making every night session safer. For those who revel in the adrenaline of night skiing or boarding, CARVE's Clear Lenses are the perfect match, combining protection with performance.

Photo-Chromatic Performance Lenses

The scope of technical innovation is limitless when it comes to these Photo-chromatic adaptive goggle lenses, they will transform from dark to light depending on amount of sun exposure. Perfect for that unpredictable weather, or as your everyday go-to goggles. Also the perfect companion for mountain bikers.

Anti-Fog & UV Protected Lenses

CARVE's Anti-fog & UV Protected lenses help to reduce brightness and restore colour, allowing you to perform at your best without the worry of glare and distortion.

Lens Fundamentals

Lens Selection

  • Polarised Lens
  • Non-Polarised Lens
  • Iridium Lens
  • Injected Lens

Constructed from a liquefied lens material to form a single mould, our injected lenses have a varied thickness at the curve, providing less peripheral distortion than a standard stamped or layered lens. The injected lens can also withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture.

  • Mineral Glass Lens

Impact Resistant

We do our best to provide value. Value for us is knowing our customers will sit on their sunnies in the car, or have them fly off their face in a sweaty festival most pit.

Our lense manufacturing techniques consider that we need to provide a lense that will survive general use of everyday life.

Sun + Light

Earthlings are delicate forms, and our eyes are no exception.

The R&D we undertake to ensure our eyewear and the lenses meet the demands of our customers. We proudly supply a Category 3 lens that is a form of 100% UV protection.

We also understand that the light from our natural environment is magical, stimulating an emotional experience - we aim to enhance the experience (not alter it or block it out).

Purpose + Function

The lense of an eyewear piece is the first thing you notice from a quality pair of glasses.

Carve Eyewear is a symbiosis of lense and frame, creating opportunities for our brand to extend across numerous categories in sports, fashion and lifestyle.

We refine our eyewear to accurately deliver to performance requirements or meet fashion forward trend demands.

We know our lense choice here is critical.

Magnetic Interchangable Lenses

Magnetic Interchangeable Lens technology comes with an easy clip on All-Round lens and a bonus Low-Light lens. These Dual pack Goggles are perfect for bright sunny or overcast days. Explore SUMMIT, BOSS, CLINGON goggles.

Supreme Italian Anti-Fog Lens Coating

CARVE's lens technology refines vision for optimised clarity and performance. It will work to minimise glare and reduce eye fatigue for better performance and more time on the mountain. Help define contours, shadows, and distance perspective for truer and safer riding conditions.

Technical + Function + Logic

CARVE Lenses are an advanced optical product. We strategically selected the lense type to match the frame to ensure the finished eyewear piece is logical by design and advanced by manufacture and assembly.