Explore Performance

Explore CARVE's range of performance eyewear, meticulously crafted for athletes across diverse sports realms, including cricket, cycling, golf, running, and surfing. Engineered with precision and passion, our eyewear blends cutting-edge technology with sleek design, ensuring optimal clarity, comfort, and protection in every athletic pursuit.



Step up to the crease in confidence with CARVE's Performance Eyewear. Our collection combines advanced optics with lightweight, durable designs, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort in every match. From glare reduction to impact resistance, CARVE's cricket eyewear provides essential features for every aspect of the game.




Our Performance Collection combines aerodynamic design with advanced optics, ensuring crystal-clear vision and comfort on every ride. From polarised lenses to anti-slip frames, CARVE's cycling eyewear provides essential features for enhancing your cycling experience.




Engineered for athletes who demand peak performance, our performance styles combine lightweight design with advanced optics, ensuring clear vision and comfort with every stride. Whether you're training for a marathon or enjoying a leisurely jog, CARVE's running eyewear provides essential features such as sweat resistance, anti-slip technology, and UV protection, keeping you focused on the road ahead.




Tee off with precision and confidence with CARVE's Performance Eyewear designed specifically for golf. Engineered for peak performance on the green, our eyewear collection combines advanced optics with lightweight, ergonomic designs, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort through every swing.




Enjoy your next session in CARVE's performance eyewear styles, blending sleek design with advanced optics, ensuring unparalleled vision and comfort in every wave. The ultimate companion for chasing swells and carving with precision and style.


Eyewear Fundamentals

Eyewear Dimensions

You'll find width and height metric millimetre measurements supplied across all CARVE Performance Eyewear styles. When you understand what shapes work best for you, these measurements can prove valuable in selecting the right frames for your face shape.

Lens Detail

CARVE Performance Eyewear styles deliver a considered lens selection per style. We're passionate about clarity and functional performance from our eyewear, and the lens quality is fundamental to our products. All CARVE eyewear styles offer optically correct lenses that also provide 100% UV Protection. Our eyewear styles are Category 3 sunglasses that provide a high level of sun glare reduction.


CARVE Performance Eyewear styles are designed with durable, high strength hardware components. We're focused on durability and value, which are core attributes that are structured around 5-barrel Stainless Steel Hinges and Metal Core Temples. This delivers a functional performance for all of your athletic endeavours.

Eyewear Frames

CARVE Performance Eyewear come in a variety of styles, driven largely by the dynamic frame selections across each eyewear category.

CARVE is committed to providing our customers a broad selection that allows every individual to discover a frame that meets their needs and suits their individual style.

Combining the best lenses and hardware creates an eyewear frame of the highest quality, ready to perform with you.

Technical + Performance + Quality

CARVE Performance Eyewear is a curated blend of technically astute hardware and componentry, strategically selected materials that deliver performance, plus the broader view that ensures each eyewear style is defined by the orchestration of numerous elements that come together to form a single quality product.