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Explore the technical and detailed product attributes of the CARVE Womens Eyewear range.

Polarised Sunglasses for Women

CARVE's polarised eyewear go above and beyond. Our high-quality, scratch resistant polarization lasts longer than most other polarized glasses. Enjoy high-quality optics and superior eye protection, all without losing any clarity, depth or colour perception. 



CARVE's Womens Polarised Sunglasses are perfect for reducing glare off reflective surfaces like water, snow and the road.



All of our polarised sunglasses for women have been thermally hardened for impact resistance. Combine that with the world’s most durable scratch-resistant lens and our industry-leading technology, and our polarised sunnies are world-leading in their quality.



By increasing primary colours and reducing inter-primary colours, you’ll enjoy crisper, sharper images with greater detail and depth.



Your eyes will be protected from harmful UV rays, resulting in less chance of eye fatigue. For the best polarised sunnies money can buy, check out CARVE Womens Polarised Sunglasses today. 



These lenses have been coated with a unique hydrophobic treatment to repel water, which makes them ideal for beach days and watersports.

Eyewear Fundamentals

Eyewear Dimensions

You'll find width and height metric millimetre measurements supplied across all CARVE Womens Eyewear styles. When you understand what shapes work best for you, these measurements can prove valuable in selecting the right frames for your face shape.

Lens Detail

CARVE Womens Eyewear styles deliver a considered lense selection per style. We're passionate about clarity and functional performance from our eyewear and the lense quality is fundamental our product. All CARVE eyewear styles are a optically correct lens that is also providing 100% UV Protection. CARVE Eyewear are also proudly Category 3 sunglasses that provide a high level of sun glare reduction. Below are a selection of lense types that are designed across the CARVE Womens Eyewear range.

  • Polarised Lens
  • Non-Polarised Lens
  • Iridium Lens
  • Injected Lens
  • Mineral Glass Lens


CARVE Womens Eyewear styles are designed with durable and high strength hardware componentry. We're focused on durability and value which is a core attribute that is structured around 5-barrel Stainless Steel Hinges, and Metal Core Temples. This delivers a functional performance from both fashion and performance eyewear ranges.

Eyewear Frames

CARVE Womens Eyewear come in a variety of styles, driven largely by the dynamic frame selections across each eyewear category. CARVE is driven to provide our customers a broad selection that allows every individual to discover a frame that meets their need and complements their individuality. CARVE Eyewear Frames are a Hand Finished Polycarbonate Frame that delivers a superior comfort while on one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Combining the best lenses and hardware creates a eyewear frame that is a high value and performance product.

Technical + Performance + Quality

CARVE Womens Eyewear is a curated blend of technically astute hardware and componentry, strategically selected materials that deliver performance, plus the broader view that ensures each eyewear style is defined by the orchestration of numerous elements that come together to form a single quality product.