Keanu Asing

Keanu Action Shot

Where are you from?

Ewa beach, Hawaii but currently reside in San Clemente California

Local spots?

I usually like to surf infant of my house by San Clemente pier, when I’m home in Hawaii my go to is Hau Bush

Favourite wave you've surfed?

My favourite wave I’ve surfed might be Teahupoo or Jefferys Bay

Post surf go-to meal?

Has to be Poke bowl!

Tubes or Punts?

Tubes 100%

Lefts or Rights?


What's your favourite style of Carve sunglasses?

My favourites are the Rivals. But lately with new frames has been changing my favourites

Biggest achievement?

Probably would be winning the Quick Pro France, the biggest win in my career

Something about yourself not everyone would know?

I wake up at 4am everyday to train at 5am then I go surf. So people might not know but some will now know! Yew!