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Frother Matte Green w/ Low Light Green Iridium Lens

  • All Round
  • High Light
  • Iridium

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Colours: Matte Green w/ Low Light Green Iridium Lens
Size Chart
  • The clean, streamlined shape of these goggles are enough to excite anyone. Available in a wide range of lens colors, these frames are conservative only in price. With a small frame size also available, you can deck out your kids to match.

    LENS: Amber with Green Iridium
    FRAME: Matte Green
    STRAP: Green

    SKU: 6220-11US

    Care Instructions

    Eyewear is a big part of an active outdoor lifestyle, so they can often be susceptible to wear and tear. Here are a few tips to take care of your eyewear:

    Always store your eyewear in the snap lock pouch provided & always use the micro fibre cleaning cloth conveniently attached to your pouch. Do not wipe the lenses when dry as small particles or debris on the lenses may cause scratches. Do not use chemicals to clean lenses or frames, C A R V E lens cleaning solution is recommended.

    Avoid contact with cosmetics, sunscreens, hairspray and perfume which can damage the anti-reflective lens coating and frame coating. Avoid extreme heat, it will break down the protective lens coating.

    Do not leave your eyewear in a hot vehicle, especially on the dashboard as the windscreen will intensify the heat. Do not swim or submerge in water as it can damage the anti-reflective lens coating.

    Check your eyewear regularly to make sure the screws aren’t loose. Gently tighten regularly with a very small screwdriver.

    Avoid wearing eyewear on the top of your head as it can warp, crack or break the frame.

    Never place your eyewear lenses face down onto any surface.

    CARVE pride itself on quality and hope you enjoy your purchase.


    CARVE products are warranted to the original purchaser for 6 months from the date of purchase against any manufacturing faults or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear.Learn more

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    Size Guide

    These measurements are NOT garment dimensions but TO FIT body dimensions.


    Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
    S/30 85/33 77/30
    M/32 90/35 82/32
    L/34 95/37 87/34
    XL/36 100/39 92/36
    2XL/38 105/41 97/38
    3XL/40 110/43 102/40
    4XL/42 115/45 107/42
    5XL/44 120/47 112/44
    6XL/46 125/49 117/46


    Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
    8 68/27 60/24
    10 72/28 64/25
    12 76/30 68/27
    14 80/31 72/28
    16 86/34 76/30

    Toddler (Boys)

    Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
    2 56/22 54/21
    4 60/24 56/22
    6 64/25 58/23


    Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
    XS/8 80/31 61/24 88/35
    S/10 85/33 66/26 93/37
    M/12 90/35 71/28 98/39
    L/14 95/37 76/30 103/41
    XL/16 100/39 81/32 108/43


    Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
    8 68/27 60/24 75/30
    10 74/29 62/24 80/31
    12 80/31 64/25 85/33
    14 86/34 66/26 90/35
    16 90/35 70/28 95/37

    Toddler (Girls)

    Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
    2 56/22 54/21
    4 60/24 56/22
    6 64/25 58/23

    Goggle Size Chart

    Model Fit Frame Width Frame Height Frame Shape
    Summit 2.0 Medium 190mm 103mm (Cylindrical)
    The Boss Medium 180mm 98mm (Spherical)
    Titanium Large 190mm 100mm (Spherical)
    White Out Small 150mm 80mm (Cylindrical)
    Clingon Medium 175mm 90mm (Cylindrical)
    Frother Medium 170mm 96mm (Cylindrical)
    Frother-S Small 165mm 86mm (Cylindrical)
    First Tracks Medium 170mm 95mm (Spherical)
    Glide X-Small (Kids) 150mm 75mm (Cylindrical)
    Magic Carpet X-Small (Toddlers) 130mm 65mm (Cylindrical)